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5 grunner til at du ikke går ned i vekt


There can be many different factors that keep you from losing weight, and these often interrelate to each other. My experience is that if one of them is off track, the others are most likely off track as well.[…]

«Jeg kjenner på mer energi og overskudd, og har det skikkelig bra»

"I feel more energy and joy, and I'm doing amazing"

When I heard Camilla talk about overthinking on a podcast, I became very curious about her way of working. I felt my brain span east and west overthinking everything from the smallest thing to the big choices in life: . What […]

Stress holder deg igjen fra å nå målene dine!


Do you often get so stressed during the day that it feels like too much, and you are desperate for peace, an escape, a break or just want to get away?


All you want to do is escape from all the tasks and requirements. You dream of days without struggle, hustle and bustle, but feel it is just a dream that can never come true.




You try to persevere by saying to yourself, "When only this next thing is out of the world, when only this phase is over, when only this project is finished." But there are always new things on the list, new requirements that mean you never get calmed down and rest.


The restlessness and feeling of being tired is chronic. You do not even remember the last time you did not feel tired.....




Overwhelming and stress are the biggest triggers for people to resort to food and drink to take a break and escape from everyday life. Using food and drink are strategies your brain creates to try to survive. Stress is an extremely uncomfortable feeling for the brain, because it fails to distinguish between a deadline at work and a life-threatening situation. Therefore, your brain will do everything it can to get you from where you are, to just feel a little less bad. And then food and drink are a sure winner to activate the reward center in the brain so that you get a distraction, an escape, a regulation. 




If you struggle with stress and overwhelm, emotional eating, binge eating, bad habits and struggling with losing weight, then the patterns at the root of the problem are the cause. I will mention some of them here:


  1. Perfectionism
    You go every day with an inner drive where you are afraid of being judged, criticized and not being good enough. You spend a lot of time on small details and you stress about doing most things. Things take much longer than they should and even if you finish everything, you are still stressed that the worst case scenario would not be good enough.

  2. Overanalysing
    You constantly think "what if" and you never really finish things because you go back and spend even more time thinking about different scenarios over and over and over again. Everything feels cluttered and you constantly feel overwhelmed.

  3. People pleasing.
    You say 'Yes' when you really want to say 'No'. You take on too much from others, even if you really don't want to. Still, you like to be the person who is known for always planning everything for others…

  4. Extreme need for security
    Before you start something, you start thinking about the "What if's about everything. You want to know that something is guaranteed, safe and secure before you embark on things or make a decision. You often get ready to take action by observing every part of it, but you rarely or never pull the trigger.
    You get stuck in decision refusal because you will never find the guarantees you are looking for.

  5. Low self-worth.
    You never feel good enough and worry constantly about falling through and others seeing it. This of course leads to a lot of stress and steals a lot of mental strength and energy from all areas of your life. You go every day always trying to find evidence of you not being good enough, and you are left with a bad feeling of not reaching your goals.
  6. “Monkey-brain”
    Your brain is constantly jumping from one to the other, and you are multitasking all the time. Either physically, mentally or both!


This list can go on much longer, but the probability that there were some things you could relate to is high. And that's why you might be overwhelmed right now, too, because you're thinking, "How am I going to handle all this? This is a huge job…"




These patterns also make it "impossible" for your body to lose weight and stay there for two reasons:


  1. You do not have emotional fitness, expect quick results in what you do, and if something does not work or the weight does not move in the right direction or as expected, you rethink everything you do. With this, you use perfectionism with your food which only leads to suffering because you are constantly looking for the imperfections and what is not good enough. The fear of failure grows bigger and bigger. At the end of the day, you feel pushed into a corner, tormented by yourself under the restrictions you placed on yourself of having to go on a diet and not having the results you wanted...
  2. All this overthinking, stress and fear of failure leads to your body being chronically activated in fight or flight, your'e cortisol levels skyrocketing and promoting your fat storage and muscle breakdown, not fat burning.


All of these are patterns that keep you stuck in the issues of weight and body, low self-esteem and your relationship with yourself.




Fortunately, there is a solution to help with all of these different things. That is because all of these are interrelated to each other.


We must work from the inside out to be able to create permanent change.If we want to lose weight for good, then we must start working on our emotional fitness. 


You have to learn this. Only then will you be completely free and get the results you want despite life not going smoothly and according to plan.




Overwhelm, stress, binge and emotional eating can easily be a done chapter in your life, in just a few short weeks if you use the right tools and strategies!


So do not wait until the stars are aligned and life finally "fits perfectly together". Perfect timing does not exist. It is when it least fits that it fits best! Because if you learn these things when life storms at its worst, then it is as easy as a game moving forward.. Because life happens all the time, and is an endless series of problems that we have to solve. 


Do you want help to get over these patterns and break out of the prison you live in once and for all?


Book a discovery call today!

Arbeidet med Camilla har vært den beste investering i livet mitt!

Working with Camilla has been the best investment of my life!

When I came to Camilla, I was at a place in my life where I didn't recognize myself. I hadn't thought about what I wanted out of my life for years and I had completely lost myself. All the focus had […]

Er du perfeksjonist? Få med deg dette tipset!


As a perfectionist, you experience that you are never good enough, and you are never doing enough. This is why you also only get less and less faith in yourself.[…]

«Allerede første uken lærte jeg teknikker som stoppet overspisingen»

"Already the first week I learned techniques that stopped overeating"

My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was that I dealt with all the unpleasant emotions with food and exercise, whether it was stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, irritation or elation. There has been a lot of overeating, a lot of dieting and a lot of overtraining. It was a very narrow path to walk between what was ok and what was defeat.

I felt that every day was a struggle to avoid overeating.

And any social setting was something I dreaded and feared, because I was afraid I would lose control of my food. I have had this pattern since I was a teenager, and have gained and lost weight in painful and somewhat better periods over the past 10 years.

I also linked all this to thoughts and pondering about what others think of me, and had several patterns where doing everything I could for others to like me over time made me very very tired, and on the verge of burnt out.

After working with Camilla, I experience that I am much more stable in my mood. I have stopped defining days as bad or good. I have not had a single day of overeating since I started the program, only a few days with a little more thoughts about food without it taking off completely as before.

My partner notices the same, and says I am happier, calmer, and that he notices that I no longer have so-called "bad days". He knows very well that I used to have at least one day every week where I sat and drank properly, with large amounts of food. I also experience that my body feels better and works better. 

The biggest change for me is what goes on overeating, because I feel that it previously limited what I was able to grasp in other areas. The food was all-consuming, and I thought I was sick and would always feel that way. Now that food has a different role, it is easier to manage to work with what was really behind my food and exercise addiction.

What I liked best about Camilla's method was probably the way everything that is taught is so clearly linked to research-based information, and that it is conveyed how it physiologically affects my body and brain. I am a real health nerd, both privately and at work, and then it has been a great advantage that I know how professionally strong Camilla is, and that what is said is concrete and real. 

To others considering working with Camilla, there is only one thing to say: DO IT! Do not wait! You can get so much better in your life if you follow what Camilla wants to teach you. This is not just "another program", or "another restrictive and strict method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself. That money is so worth it! I have already recommended the course to several people I know who have similar challenges as me. I understand that it takes a certain amount of confidence to open up to someone like Camilla, but I believe that anyone who does this properly from the start will quickly experience such a good effect that it will feel worth it.

Camilla is the world's best supporter and coach. She is very knowledgeable and well grounded in research, which was important to me. She is always caring and available, but in addition she is a real tough guy who dares to ask you just the right questions to make you work even a little wiser to reach your goals.

I was in a really dark place before I started Camilla's course, and I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING after more than 10 years of bad thoughts and feelings about food, body and exercise. Already the first week of the course, I learned techniques that stopped overeating, and then came the knowledge of both the physical and mental on the assembly line.

You will have to put in the work needed, and it will be a little uncomfortable at times, but Camilla is there all the way and guides you to success. Highly recommended! 

  • Stina L.
«en stor mulighet for endring av livet ditt til det bedre»

"A great opportunity to change your life for the better"

I found Camilla online and waited a while before contacting her, but I was in a place in life where I was very tired. Tired of myself, eternal body focus, little energy, bad choices, "boiled in the head" and many kilos too much. Life felt awkward even though I had "everything".

«det er så j***** verdt det!»

"It's so f****g worth it!"

I started with Camilla for the weight and not least the emotional eating. But I soon realized that they were just symptoms of something else and much more difficult - my self-image, my thoughts about myself and the world around me and what patterns I have developed [...]

«Jeg har lært utrolig mye mer enn jeg forestilte meg»

"I have learned an incredible amount more than I imagined"

When I came to Camilla I felt that I was failing at too many things in my life: My job as a leader, in my relationship with my husband, to my children, and I tried repeated cures that only led to me getting tired, failed, was little mentally present in everyday life on the bad days 8and they were part of it), and I did a lot of negative self-talk. I ended up again and again breaking the agreements to myself, had "bad days" and these "fuck it" moments where I then just ate and made very bad choices. I had a lot of shame and little faith in myself.

I have learned an incredible amount more than I imagined through working with Camilla. I have a greater peace around food, I do not think about calories or good and bad days anymore, I do not overeat anymore and I am much more mentally present in everyday life.

I have been given tools that extend far beyond what I thought was necessary when I came to her, and I also have the usefulness of these in every other field of my life. I make better choices, I have better routines, I do better at work, I am more steady and better at communication, I have a closer and even more solid relationship with my husband, and I manage to be the mom my kids need me to be. er❤️

That I so quickly learned how not to overeat, and also that this went so much deeper and I got to work on my overthinking and perfectionism has had an incredible amount to say for me! 

I have received good follow-up along the way and have learned a lot from Camilla's program. My biggest change is that I have gained more peace around food and my eating patterns have changed, I have a better inner dialogue that helps me to be mentally present and make good choices in my life. I use what I have learned as much in other contexts in life as when it comes to food. I'm incredibly glad I signed up for this❤️

  • Marte E.
10 kritiske komponenter som mangler i de fleste vektreduksjons-programmer!


The truth is that approaching losing weight only from doing something with your diet and working out, is not the whole solution![…]



Before I started the program with Camilla, my biggest challenges were obesity and lack of energy. I also always gained weight again when I had finally managed to lose weight, so thoughts like: "What's the point?", Had started to come.[…]

«Jeg har funnet frem til en hverdag jeg kan nyte livet ut»

"I have found an everyday life I can enjoy for life"

When I came to Camilla, my everyday life was characterized by restrictions related to food and an "all or nothing mindset". I thought that at a certain weight I would be happy, and perfectionism, negative thoughts about myself, poor self-esteem, the feeling of not being as good as others, thoughts about what others think, fear of being judged characterized my everyday life. 

The evenings agreed to overeat so much that I woke up the next day and still felt bad. So I started my days every single day feeling shit from overeating and lack of sleep the night before. 
I have had so many amazing changes during the process with Camilla❤️ Better relationship with myself and those around me, more knowledge about food and what is a good diet for me❤️ I stand better in my own choices and decisions without the need for confirmation from others, and I have tools that help me so I have a positive focus on myself and the things I want to achieve!

I have stopped weighing myself every single day and have not weighed myself since I started with Camilla. It is wonderfully liberating not to let weight determine the mood of the day. I have shifted my focus to how the body feels and how it responds to the food I eat. I eat to have enough energy to have good days and do what I want, and to have a good time❤️ 

I distribute the food evenly throughout the day instead of having restrictions throughout the day and then "cracking" in the evening. 
It's easier to be social, I'm not afraid to be served something that "does not fit in", and have learned to look for solutions, while a meal does not define the rest of the day or week. I decide what attitude I should have towards what is going to happen, I have more strength, better mood, manage more than before and do not compare myself with others. I feel good about myself❤️ 

Everything I have learned from Camilla along with her commitment along the way, has been enormously helpful in my process. I have come in contact with what I feel, think and what I value and I stand firm in it. I have a much better relationship with myself and those I love! 

Creating change can require more than you expect, but you will also get much more back than you expect❤️ It's about 20% diet and 80% attitude to yourself and your life. 

I have suddenly started to lose weight without having gained weight. I am lighter in body, in a good mood for no reason, I greet first, look people in the eyes and am no longer worried in my everyday life. I train for fun, not to get thin!

I have turned from having a strict control regime that only gave me problems with overeating and negative emotions, to finding out in myself and to an everyday life that I can really enjoy for life❤️ 

  • Irene K.
Hvordan gå ned i vekt en gang for alle?


The real reason you struggle with weight, diet, stress and overwhelm is not because of all the external time thieves and stress factors you have in your life. It is because of the inner emotional factors.

Problemer med å gå ned i vekt er et emosjonelt problem, del 3


Every time they get ready to start with a new "plan" or a new diet, they find that it takes shorter and shorter time before they lose motivation. And it takes longer and longer before they get motivated to start again.

Problemer med å gå ned i vekt er et emosjonelt problem, del 2

Problems with losing weight is an emotional problem, part 2

The people I work with are often people with a lot of resources who get things done. Is that you? 

You are a "yes" person, a perfectionist and have high standards and requirements for yourself. 

You have lived this way for a very long time. You have had big dreams: about a career, passion for your work, financial freedom, living a life full of experiences, family, partner, hobbies and more. You have come a long way in achieving more of your dreams and goals, but you have achieved these only with stress, chasing and struggling through life. You are always fighting against time, performing for others, defining yourself as a “badass” when you get little sleep and still manage to get things done. You may have thought proudly: "I am a superhuman because I perform better and achieve much more during the day than others".



But somewhere along the way, you started to gain weight, and you may have first thought that the solution to this was simple: Exercise and diet. Even more things on the "to-do list" that were to be pushed into an already hectic everyday life. And it might have worked in the beginning, for a while. Then life happened and all the extra weight came back, and maybe even more than you lost. Thus also began an eternal hunt for the holy grail of all diets. The diet that you will easily be able to implement in an already chaotic and busy life. The diet that once and for all will solve all your problems around food, lifestyle, weight and relationship with yourself and your own body. "When I lose these kilos, THEN everything will be fine…"

You live in the eternal train of thought, the uncertainty and all the questions around ”Why does this not work for me? Why can I not manage to keep the diet? Why do I not lose weight?”.

Many people are not aware of how much this affects them in everyday life, how much focus, thought-capacity and energy is spent on this both consciously and unconsciously. And they have become very good at repressing these thoughts even though they are there, but they still lie there like a dark shadow in the back of their minds. Therefore, this is a great source of unrest, stress, rethinking, over-analysis and in fact also decision refusal in some people in everyday life. 

You have become "human doing" rather than "human being".


Challenges with food, a strained relationship with food and emotional eating / binge eating actually have nothing to do with the food itself! This is just a symptom of the deeper issues that are going on. This is also the reason why even a diet and even more knowledge about food and exercise, what you should and should not eat, will not solve the problem. It is not the food itself that is the main problem. 

Nevertheless, food is an important part of the solution to the problem: Most people who struggle with this have not found a sustainable way to eat long term to give them the results they want. If they had, they would have been able to lose weight for good.

The vast majority of diets have an approach that does not cooperate with the psychology, and thus those I work with have no idea how to approach food and diet in such a way that they cooperate with both the physiology as well as their psychology to lose weight. 

The problem with using diets as the approach is that you have not made any permanent changes to the previous diet. Your habits were the reason for no progress in your weight. And when you don’t make any changes, you basically go back to eating the way you used to because you finished the “diet”. When you don't make adjustments in your diet and the way you use to eat, you will have lost a few pounds and lowered your metabolism, which ends up resulting in a faster weight gain. 


The weight loss and diet industry has created the perfect environment for creatingbinge eating. You manage to stay consistent with your diet, and when you are "done" with the diet (as long as you actually persevere to the “end goal”), it usually backfires because then you start to think "Now I can eat what I want". You then gain all the weight back that you worked so hard to lose, maybe even more. 

Common to both the weight loss and the fitness industry is that the methods are characterized by rigid and specific rules. "Yes and no food", fasting, exclusion of various nutrients and so on. 

Diet definitely has a psychological impact on us. Having a strict diet benefits some because they don't want to think and count their calories themselves. 

But this is actually the biggest downside to diets! If you see diets as an advantage because you do not have to think about it, you have to be aware that it will cause long term effects in your confidence and ability to make judgments. You have been given a plan to stick to and you are told everything outside the plan is "wrong". This creates perfectionism and an "all or nothing mentality", where we get "Yes and no food", and as soon as you eat something outside of the plan, you are conditioned to think that you are a failure. Furthermore, it affects the entire day, because if you stick to the rules you are "good", but if you don't and you fail, you could easily give up and at that moment there is no difference between 50 or 5000 more calories that day. 

Over time, this pattern makes you feel very limited and controlled, and you feel pushed into a corner because these strict rules give you no room for error and variation! 

By using very strict approaches such as counting macros or calories, this requires an enormous amount of effort, control and precision to "get to the numbers" and regulate your behavior, while not allowing for change, unexpected events or any variety. 

This is something that over time will be challenging to implement in a normal everyday life, and many end up not participating in social activities because they won’t be able to reach their goal with their diet and hit the numbers. 

Consequently, this breeds perfectionism, because you either hit the numbers, or you do not. 

The greater the degree of control, rigidity and precision you must have, the more afraid you will be of losing control. 

This also reinforces the "all or nothing" mentality because once you are in an environment you do not have control of, you throw all rules, guidelines and common sense out the window! 


Another problem that arises as a result of counting calories is that one loses confidence in the body and what it’s telling you it needs. We cannot fool ourselves because the calories we eat matters. 

But the body is not a calculator and your body's metabolism changes every day depending on your daily activities and things you do throughout the day. Therefore, there will also be some variations in your activities that affect how much food you need, with more active days needing more food and less active days needing less food. If you restrict your calories to just 1800 a day, then you will end up not depending on your body’s demands and not trusting that it knows what it needs.

If one day your stomach rumbles and your body screams for more food, then you will try to ignore its signals. Thus, various mechanisms in the body will also be triggered because it is receiving too little food. Then many of your physiological mechanisms will react, and we become fixated on food and the body works hard at ensure your survival and conserve energy. 

There will come a point where you can no longer resist with your own strength and you dig into bad treats and think "What's the point of torturing myself like this?". Then you label this as a bad day. And calling it a bad day is a perfect strategy to cover up binge eating. The problem is that your bad conscience and shame come after this process.

Consequently, you learn to doubt yourself, your own decisions and your own ability to implement. You confirmed to yourself time and time again that you are not able to accomplish anything long term, and your belief in yourself decreases every day, and the eating behavior that you want to get rid of could possibly get worse. 


The wrong strategies and approaches to food and exercise will only keep you in this pattern of binge eating and a bad relationship with food and your own body. 


You must learn a lifestyle of eating to meet your physical and mental needs. It is important to build your lifestyle on a solid structure that helps you make the right decisions for yourself and help you achieve higher goals, while allowing room for a social life and unplanned events in your life, and still being able to lose weight!

This is based on guidelines you use most of the time, rather than rigid rules that control your every meal. This removes stress, perfectionism and other obsessive thoughts around food, while giving you a nice balance between how much and how often you can eat different things depending on what your goal is. 

It is essential to include your favorite food and your favorite drink on a regular basis so that you can have the appropriate flexibility and start with the food you like and prefer to eat. It is THEN you get a sustainable approach that will last long term because you thrive, get to eat what you like, while the body works well and your energy stays up throughout the day. 

This is an approach that is NOT about perfection, but flexibility and meeting your physiological and psychological goals in your diet, and finally get the results you want. 

Read the next part of the series here.

Problemer med å gå ned i vekt er et emosjonelt problem, del 1

Problems with losing weight is an emotional problem, part 1

In the past, you may have managed to lose weight with intense, strict diets. But for some reason you do not feel that way anymore, and all your attempts to get "the perfect plan" have only led to failure. You also have a really strained relationship with food. Belief in your own ability to eat food and lose weight has lowered significantly, because you just can't do it.

«Jeg klarer ikke se for meg noe annet sted jeg kunnet lære meg de samme tingene!»

"I can not imagine anywhere else I could learn the same things!"

Jeg har kjøpt mange kostholdsplaner, jeg har lest mange kostholdsbøker og jeg har begynt på dietter gang på gang. Da jeg ble anbefalt Camilla var jeg usikker på om jeg skulle ta steget da jeg var redd for at dette bare ble repetisjon av fakta…

«Eg har mykje meir glede og latter i kvardagen, fokus på kva eg kan gjera og kva eg ønsker å gjera.»

"I have a lot more joy and laughter every day, focus on what I can do and what I want to do."

My biggest challenge before I started with Camilla was that I sabotaged myself, by making excuses to maintain unfortunate thought and action patterns. Instead of doing the things I wanted to do, I spent a lot of time thinking, planning, and negotiating with myself.

Along the way, I learned awareness of my own thoughts and actions, and how to focus on what is important to me to have a good quality of life. With it a more relaxed focus on food, and more focus on incorporating good habits.

I take something that helps to make me happy and in line with what I want to achieve. I take active choices, unlike before where choices were made after a long impact assessment and often for so long that one alternative was awake. 

I have much more joy and laughter every day, focus on what I can do and what I want to do. A mentality that I can decide for myself how I can react to emotions, people and events.

I do things that I have previously only thought that I have wanted to do. Training goes on autopilot.

It is a great program tailored to you, to shift focus away from calories, exercise and dieting, to have a good life both mentally and physically. You get tools that you will use for the rest of your life, and which can be used in many different contexts.

  • Synneve K.
«Camilla har åpnet opp øynene mine for en annen måte å se på meg selv på!»

"Camilla has opened my eyes to a different way of looking at myself!"

Når jeg startet opp med Camilla var jeg på slutten av en depresjon og slet med mye negative tanker rundt min egen kropp og meg selv. Jeg hadde også ett enormt søtsug som plaget meg, som gjorde at jeg brukte sjokolade til feks belønning, eller…

«Det er det beste jeg noen gang har gjort for meg selv.»

"It's the best thing I've ever done for myself."

Jeg er så glad for at jeg ved en tilfeldighet så en instagram post der Camilla skrev noe som fikk meg til å tenke at «Wow, finnes det noen som vet hvordan jeg har det, er jeg ikke så kjørt som jeg tror?» Etter det…