My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was to set boundaries for myself around food. I struggled with poor self-worth and many negative thoughts about my body and looks.

Before I started I was also very worried that this wouldn't work and wouldn't give me any results. I was very afraid to go through this and then feel like it was another failed attempt that didn't lead to the results I wanted.

During my time with Camilla, I have learned very effective techniques which have meant that in situations where I would have previously binged, I now haven’t done it. Now the circle og struggle is broken. I have also become more aware of my own thought patterns and behavior patterns. And I have learned to turn negative thought patterns into positive ones that I want instead. 

I eat much healthier and more controlled. I can enjoy good foods without feeling guilty, because I know it's part of doing things the right way. I exercise more than before, the weight has dropped and I'm told by others that I look healthier and better:) 

I plan my life better and more systematically so that I avoid stress and keep an overview of to do's and what is important. I have started with the tools Camilla has suggested to me to keep track of things, and it makes it so much easier to stay focused in my everyday life, to always be in the console, on track and at the same time not stress about things :) 

I have become more aware of what I want to prioritize in life and which values ​​are important to me. 

The techniques I learned are what I enjoyed the most about the program. They can be used in many different areas of life and I use them regularly to turn my mentality around when I am heading in a bad direction in my mind. I would also like to highlight the dietary advice as very simple and good, and with freedom so that I do not feel locked in and on a diet and I can still eat good, healthy and varied food, and at the same time reach my goals.

To others who are considering working with Camilla, I have one thing to say: 

Jump into it, but it's important that you have an open mind and are ready to learn. Camilla is knowledgeable, thorough, empathetic, clear and energetic. She challenges while at the same time showing understanding. She is always available and gives of herself and her experiences. But most importantly: What she says is correct and works!

Thank you very much for a very amazing time, Camilla. I am so grateful for what you have taught me.

  • Linni M.