My approach

As a high-achiever, you probably have a great career, and “all thing things” from an outside perspective. Yet on the inside, as perfectionists, we often cope with the pressure by controlling our external appearance through toxic patterns. Please know that life doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you take back the power in your own life, master your health, weight loss and create a truly healthy and whole life.

We need to start from the inside to transform, from the heart. We have to grow and do the right things for the right reasons. And most importantly, we have to take a step back from today’s society to live a truly healthy life.

Losing weight is an emotional problem, and another diet and/or workout routine is not the solution. When these patterns have emerged there are established neural pathways in the brain which leads to these behaviours and mindset/thoughts, so we simply need to reprogram the mind and work on things holistically.

I help resourceful women to release binge and emotional eating and return home to their true self, so they can rise up to their fullest potential.

When we destroy the patterns that are causing your eating habits, true freedom and authenticity appears. Like a phoenix - you will rise from the ashes, from a place of vibrance, flow, love and soul.

Positive change is possible! In our time together, we do the work where it matters the most: both in your relationship with yourself, your life, your emotional fitness, your relationship to food, and your response to cravings and thought- and behaviour patterns.

If you’re binge and emotional eating... please know there is nothing wrong with you! It’s simply your nervous system reacting just the way it is designed. I can help you break free from all the pain that is preventing you from living wholeheartedly, true, genuine and authentic as yourself.

My superpower is helping women break out of disruptive eating patterns and the mental prisons they are captured in. I help them reconnect with themselves, find their way back to their true authentic self, so they can live a life they truly love.

If you feel stuck, it’s actually a good thing, you’re being guided to the next highest version of yourself.

Embrace the unknown.



What can I do for you?

• Binge and emotional eating 

• A strained relationship with food, "good and bad foods", "all or nothing" mentality around food 

• Bad habits which keeps you stuck and sabotaging for yourself

• Breaking free from patterns that reduce your quality of life, sabotage the results you wish for and worn you down:
  • Stress
  • Perfectionism 
  • Negative bodyimage
  • Overthinking and overanalyzing
  • "People pleasing"
  • Being "Human doing" - having your self worth tied up to always being productive and always getting shit done
  • Low self confidence
  • Overwhelm
  • Low self-worth
  • Chronic worry
  • Extreme need for control

This is for you:

  • Are you ready to commit and take responsibility for your health and body, and develop yourself as a person
  • Want to regain energy, surplus, quality of life and presence in your days
  • Have high standards and want to be at your best for yourself and those around you
  • Want to be free from the "hamster wheel" of having to wade through life and use stress as fuel to push yourself through everyday life, by taking back control
  • Work purposefully towards things you want in your life
  • Apparently, it has "EVERYTHING" from the outside, but lacks peace, freedom, relaxation, quality of life, the everyday life, body and health you really want.
  • Feeling that your identity and the person you feel like inside doesn't match your reflection
  • Want to rebuild your self-esteem and confidence
  • Want to repair the relationship with yourself and the relationship with how you do your life
  • Want to feel vital, alive and like your true self, while living your life according to the standards you want and mastering the things you have struggled for so many years to manage to fit into your everyday life
  • Want your body and health to reflect your standards, values and how you live, not be a prison that limits and holds you back both physically and mentally
  • Want to be free from all the stress and panting around food and diets, break up with the eternal "diet drive", once and for all establish freedom and a relaxed relationship around food, and have routines that are easy to keep without you feel that you are giving up something in your everyday life
  • Want to have a better balance in everyday life and take back control
  • Ready to make permanent changes for the better once and for all, with a brand new method you've never tried

This is not for you:

  • Has a background and history of serious eating disorders and still struggles to a great extent with these challenges
  • Lives on very strict diet regimes and does not want to let go and open up to change
  • Looking for a "quick fix"
  • Wants "a plan" that will only be used for a period of time to "get to the goal"
  • Not motivated to go in depth and work where the shoe actually presses 
  • Not ready to commit and take responsibility for yourself, your own progress, and raise your standards
  • Want someone else to hold the key to everything without you having to do a lot to put the solutions in place yourself
  • Are you determined to always give up when things get challenging and then the search for "a new plan" begins
  • Not ready to put down the work and have confidence in a completely new approach, where you do the work and create the solutions for yourself for the first and last time
  • Not interested in starting a job that will require development and growth from yourself

The focus is on your body, your health and your life. 
Your brain is the key to everything, and it's you who get to 
decide what you are going to do with it. 

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