I found Camilla in December 2021, and I followed her for a while on email and social media. 

I wasn't sure if she could help me, but at the same time it was as if she was in my head and speaking in my thoughts. 

Still, I was worried that my problems were too severe for her to be able to help me. 

I had big problems such as a strained relationship with food, weight and binge eating, and I also struggled with a lot of worry. 

After working with Camilla, food no longer has the same focus. I actually enjoy food, but I don't go around thinking about how long it is until the next time I can eat and what I can eat. I make much better choices when it comes to my diet and I am much more active. 

My weight has dropped, I make better choices for myself and I’m good at setting boundaries. I have much better routines at work, food and at the gym. I have also developed a completely different belief in myself from being the one hiding in the corner, to really carrying myself with pride and with self confidence. 

I have more calmness and inner harmony in my everyday life, and I worry much less. Food is also so delicious and worries take up much less space. 

There is so much I really enjoyed from everything I learned from Camilla, but if I have to mention something it would have to be the tools to break the patterns of binge eating and how to manage our focus and state of mind. Everything I learned about stress and burnout, motivation has also been extremely helpful. There is so much more I could mention.

I started this course believing that my biggest challenge was weight and binge eating.

Only 1 week in, I realized that it is so much more complex than that. Food was no longer my focus. I have learned so much during these past few weeks, and the most important thing is how I can change old thought patterns and mental states, and how I can take responsibility for my own life. I have learned to discover new things about myself, and there have been many "aha" moments. I have simply gained access to tools that enable me to live the life I want. It's intensive, and it takes work, but it's so incredibly worth it. Camilla is clear and has been there for me throughout the process. 

If you are considering working with Camilla, I highly recommend that you do so. Join in, it's SO worth it. It is intensive, and it takes time, but you get so much in return. 

-Maria L.