"I have found an everyday life I can enjoy for life"

«Jeg har funnet frem til en hverdag jeg kan nyte livet ut»

When I came to Camilla, my everyday life was characterized by restrictions related to food and an "all or nothing mindset". I thought that at a certain weight I would be happy, and perfectionism, negative thoughts about myself, poor self-esteem, the feeling of not being as good as others, thoughts about what others think, fear of being judged characterized my everyday life. 

The evenings agreed to overeat so much that I woke up the next day and still felt bad. So I started my days every single day feeling shit from overeating and lack of sleep the night before. 
I have had so many amazing changes during the process with Camilla❤️ Better relationship with myself and those around me, more knowledge about food and what is a good diet for me❤️ I stand better in my own choices and decisions without the need for confirmation from others, and I have tools that help me so I have a positive focus on myself and the things I want to achieve!

I have stopped weighing myself every single day and have not weighed myself since I started with Camilla. It is wonderfully liberating not to let weight determine the mood of the day. I have shifted my focus to how the body feels and how it responds to the food I eat. I eat to have enough energy to have good days and do what I want, and to have a good time❤️ 

I distribute the food evenly throughout the day instead of having restrictions throughout the day and then "cracking" in the evening. 
It's easier to be social, I'm not afraid to be served something that "does not fit in", and have learned to look for solutions, while a meal does not define the rest of the day or week. I decide what attitude I should have towards what is going to happen, I have more strength, better mood, manage more than before and do not compare myself with others. I feel good about myself❤️ 

Everything I have learned from Camilla along with her commitment along the way, has been enormously helpful in my process. I have come in contact with what I feel, think and what I value and I stand firm in it. I have a much better relationship with myself and those I love! 

Creating change can require more than you expect, but you will also get much more back than you expect❤️ It's about 20% diet and 80% attitude to yourself and your life. 

I have suddenly started to lose weight without having gained weight. I am lighter in body, in a good mood for no reason, I greet first, look people in the eyes and am no longer worried in my everyday life. I train for fun, not to get thin!

I have turned from having a strict control regime that only gave me problems with overeating and negative emotions, to finding out in myself and to an everyday life that I can really enjoy for life❤️ 

  • Irene K.

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