"If you follow her instructions, you will succeed!"

«Følger du hennes instrukser vil du lykkes!»

When I came to Camilla, my biggest fear was that I would not find a solution to my problem that was overeating and negative self-image. 

As a mother of young children, girlfriends and health professionals, I saw that my weight continued to rise. The fear of no longer being able to be with the kids or keep up with everything we want to do in our lives was very great. I was afraid that I would no longer keep up with my athletic husband, and that I would not be a good role model for the groups I work with.

Not being happy with the people you see in the mirror is not a good feeling, and the person looking back at you does not reflect the way you feel inside. It was time to do something. 

I have learned an incredible amount from Camilla. I no longer overeat and I have developed a good relationship with food and my body. I see that my body changes, the weight goes down, at the same time as I have more energy and the craving for sweets is gone.

But what I have benefited most from is what I have learned about the abilities to change my thought patterns and mood, I have become incredibly strengthened in myself and my belief in myself, and I am now in full control of my life and deciding over myself.

Camilla has been there all the way and given me good guidance so that I have understood things correctly and carry out the training in a good way. I have become more aware of what I think, how I use my focus and what I want to do with my life. All in all, this was a great experience.

Camilla is a lady who has full understanding and understands where you are. You are hardly the first or last with your problem. You get the feeling that you are not alone and this can be done something about. The problem is normalized and "harmless-made". There is nothing wrong with you. 

The guidance takes place continuously and she is available most of the time. She sees when and where a problem can occur, and addresses it immediately so it does not escalate.

She understands how to think and comes up quickly with good solutions and input. She is positive, solution-oriented, the knowledge you learn hangs in the balance, incredibly knowledgeable, and more. She knows what she's talking about and knows her stuff. 

If you follow her instructions you will succeed! I highly recommend her. 

Ellen G.