Problems with losing weight is an emotional problem, part 4

Problemer med å gå ned i vekt er et emosjonelt problem, del 4

Many of the clients I work with are people with a busy life, and they have high demands and expectations of themselves. They can have demanding jobs, run their own companies, have large responsibilities and a lot is required of them, not only at work, but also at home. 

They are considered successful in all areas of life - except their body and lifestyle.

A busy everyday life in today's society is certainly a challenge when wanting to live healthy and aware of the body’s needs. But your busy lifestyle is not why you struggle with food and are unable to lose weight. It is the things you struggle with on the inside that is. 


This may be just for you. Your past is what is blocking you from getting to this area of your life. In the past, you have made many attempts to make changes and you think you have tried "everything". But the only thing you are left with is lower and lower belief in your ability to do it, while always subconsciously connecting losing weight as a negative thing. This happens because you have never been able to achieve permanent success, and time and time again you let your mind believe that you are "incompetent" and "inadequate" every time you have fallen off the track. 

Based on what has been explained in the previous articles in this series, your problems with losing weight does not say anything about you as a person. You are not ruined, and you are not "incompetent" or "inadequate." Only your survival brain does exactly what it's designed to do! serien, så sier ikke historien din om problemer med å gå ned i vekt noen ting om deg som person. Du er ikke ødelagt, og du er ikke «udugelig» eller «utilstrekkelig». Det er kun overlevelseshjernen din som gjør akkurat det den er designet til å gjøre! 


The only thing that can be said about all your attempts to change your diet, lifestyle and weight is that it has not been the complete and sustainable solution for your physiology and psychology! 

The problem with the methods you have used is solely that they create perfectionism, "right and wrong", "yes- and no-food", "good or bad days", chronic worry, extreme need for control, rethinking, over-analysis, negative body image, low self-esteem, little faith in one's own abilities and one's own ability to follow through. 

Those who come to me have determined that losing weight is a slow, painful process that needs all their willpower to reach their goal. This is not so strange considering the history and the experiences they have had.  


The process of creating change is not slow when you use a language that the survival brain understands. The tools one can use are very effective and powerful when used correctly. 

The first step in this process is to re-write the habit that has been stored in your survival brain where you binge eat and use food as an anesthetic. Then we must address all the underlying issues that have helped to create the patterns in the first place: Perfectionism, low self-esteem, stress, overwhelm, the fear of failing, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being judged, over-analysis and overthinking, chronic worry, people pleasing and so on. 

You have simply used your survival brain to create some patterns and habits that do not benefit you and this says absolutely NOTHING about you as a person! Your nervous system does exactly what it's designed to do!


You can now make the decision to stop worrying and rid yourself of the thoughts of your problems and everything you aren't able to achieve. Then you can dedicate yourself to addressing this once and for all and train your survival brain to form and apply other patterns of behavior! 

When you both grasp the underlying issues, reprogram the habits you do not want to have, as well as sobering up with food and lifestyle, you will experience a joy and freedom you may never have felt. And the problems of binge eating, comfort eating, a strained relationship with food and body that you have struggled with for so many years will be history! 

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