"Overeating is a chapter in the past"

«Overspisingen er et tilbakelagt kapittel»

My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was my self-esteem.

I had a very bad relationship with my own body, exercise and diet. In addition, I ate too little, which resulted in cravings and major overeating episodes in the evenings, with consequent guilt and shame. I was also very angry and frustrated, and felt that there was generally little energy and joy in my life. 

During my work with Camilla, I have felt a sense of control and mastery that has been very good. I have dared to take more chances, and I have noticed that I smile more. I also got more energy and less cravings.

Overeating and comfort eating is a bygone chapter.

In addition, I have become aware of many negative thought patterns. I think about and make choices that are good for me, I am generally calmer around the children and more present. I prioritize what is most important in my life and that takes me where I want to go.

Before I started working with Camilla, I also had many worries about food and body, that I was not good enough and worries about chronic illness and work. The awareness that I now have control in my own life, I can take control and I can change how I think and feel quickly has really been an absolutely fantastic benefit of the program. 

To others who are considering working with Camilla I would say: Go for it!

It requires effort and time on your part, but Camilla adapts and goes to great lengths for things to work and for the results you work for. If you want a positive change in life, it is definitely worth it and I would really recommend it to anyone who knows that they are struggling in some area of life, even if it is not necessarily linked to obesity - and or comfort eating. 

Miriam S.