About Camilla Bringslid


I, Camilla Bringslid, am a mother of two and live with my family outside Bergen on the west coast of Norway. I am an enthusiastic food lover, who loves living an active life, being outdoors a lot, cooking, being present here and now, having a lot of quality time with those around me, taking care of my body and health, and I am really passionate about the work I do.

I am an authorized clinical dietitian and an a certified binge and emotional eating coach. In addition, I am a writer and speaker.

I have been sitting years on the board of KEFF (Association of Clinical Nutritionist Physicians affiliated with the Norwegian Researchers' Association) and have a great commitment to the mental and physical health of people. 

Before I took a master's degree in clinical dietetics at the University of Bergen, I had a background in psychology studies. In parallel with my studies, I have immersed myself in various topics in psychology and mental training, and during my education I have always worked in various health-related positions at hospitals and in psychiatry. 

I am known for my direct approach to mental aspects of diet, lifestyle and behavior.

My genuine desire and goal is always to strengthen and inspire the clients I work with to prioritize themselves and their own health, create a different foundation in themselves and make lasting changes to get the life they want to live.

I have always had a burning interest in how our brain works and how it is affected by how we live, what we eat, experiences we have had and habits we have formed throughout life

With a solid foundation and effective tools, I work with people who want to change their thought patterns, action patterns and behaviors so that they break free from the struggle they have lived in, and they experience that the life they want to live and the person they want to be, matches on both on the inside and the outside.

I think this is the most exciting, inspiring and rewarding work I can do here on this earth, and I am a passionate person for the wonderful and amazing people I work with in my role as a supporter, teacher, mentor, and coach.