Before I started with Camilla, I was always either on a diet or off a diet, and I had tried everything without permanently losing weight. It had only resulted in yo-yo dieting all my life… 

I was very tired of my life being so affected by food and my relationship with food, as well as my relationship with myself and my own body. I had a lot of negative thoughts around this, and I was so frustrated since I was never able to pull myself together.

I was also concerned about the investment in this work. On the one hand, I thought it was good that it costs what it costs, because then you don't take it for granted. On the other hand, I thought it was a lot of money if I wasn't going to benefit from it. I was completely wrong with these thoughts, because it was worth every penny.

The first thing that strikes me is that I have gained a sense of calm in relation to food. It is no longer the eternal focus on dieting, craving something delicious, «Can I eat now? Should I eat now? I can get back on track tomorrow" etcetera. 

After all, I have been someone who has been either off or on a diet forever, and I feel that I am done with the word diet. I'm in the business of improving my lifestyle, that's what it's called! And I think that it is a continuous job, right up until everything goes by itself on autopilot. 

I am also much more aware of my own thoughts and choices. I have managed to use the knowledge from Camilla to reverse negative patterns in both thoughts and actions.

In general, I have become a more positive person, at the same time that I have become better at saying no and taking care of myself, not always putting others first.

The tools Camilla has given me enable me to steer my thoughts and feelings in the right direction and avoid the fluctuations between "on and off" that I was stuck in before. If I for a second feel that it is slipping, then it is just a matter of taking a round in «the top floor» and using the knowledge I have gained to turn it around again.

In everyday life, I notice that I don't think about food except when I'm hungry, and then I eat what I need, nothing more. I control the food, the food does not control me. 

I am more conscious of my choices, both in terms of what food I buy, and what I eat. I see that I can enjoy myself one day, and be back on track the next. Not like before when a day of treats often turned into another day, and another day, and then it was off track again... 

And I know that treating myself one day is completely fine. I'm happy with myself, and I don't talk myself down like before. And most importantly, I am happy with my body. 

I'm planning to clean out my wardrobe soon, then I'll once again get rid of the clothes that no longer fit. But this time, I won't hang them in the «waiting room» like before, in case I gain weight again - because I won't.

In the program Camilla has, it was very good that there was a focus on the whole person and not just on body, food and weight like the previous things I have tried. 

If someone is like me, - someone who has tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need, and afterwards you don't need to try anything else, because this works.

After completing Camilla's program, I have gained a completely new view of myself and my own body. The knowledge that she shares has been crucial for me to get out of old, bad habits and into new, healthy and good habits. I am now 50+ years old, and for the first time in my life I have the pleasure of controlling my food, the food doesn’t control me. All thanks to Camilla and her wisdom.

And she is also very pleasant person to work with, even when you have to discuss difficult thoughts, themes and experiences.

Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on a prescription! 

-Rachel L.