"I have learned an incredible amount more than I imagined"

«Jeg har lært utrolig mye mer enn jeg forestilte meg»

When I came to Camilla I felt that I was failing at too many things in my life: My job as a leader, in my relationship with my husband, to my children, and I tried repeated cures that only led to me getting tired, failed, was little mentally present in everyday life on the bad days 8and they were part of it), and I did a lot of negative self-talk. I ended up again and again breaking the agreements to myself, had "bad days" and these "fuck it" moments where I then just ate and made very bad choices. I had a lot of shame and little faith in myself.

I have learned an incredible amount more than I imagined through working with Camilla. I have a greater peace around food, I do not think about calories or good and bad days anymore, I do not overeat anymore and I am much more mentally present in everyday life.

I have been given tools that extend far beyond what I thought was necessary when I came to her, and I also have the usefulness of these in every other field of my life. I make better choices, I have better routines, I do better at work, I am more steady and better at communication, I have a closer and even more solid relationship with my husband, and I manage to be the mom my kids need me to be. er❤️

That I so quickly learned how not to overeat, and also that this went so much deeper and I got to work on my overthinking and perfectionism has had an incredible amount to say for me! 

I have received good follow-up along the way and have learned a lot from Camilla's program. My biggest change is that I have gained more peace around food and my eating patterns have changed, I have a better inner dialogue that helps me to be mentally present and make good choices in my life. I use what I have learned as much in other contexts in life as when it comes to food. I'm incredibly glad I signed up for this❤️

  • Marte E.

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