"I've gotten more out of my weeks with Camilla than 20 years of dieting"

«Jeg har fått mer ut av ukene med Camilla enn 20 år med slankeopplegg»

When I came to Camilla, I thought my biggest challenge was food, and it probably was too, but through the program I discovered that I could improve the structure of everyday work, among other things, using the tools that were reviewed in her program.

Along the way, I have become more aware of my relationship with food and the type of food I should eat than I had before. This means that I eat healthier / more properly and feel better.

I have lost weight, but most of all I am more confident that with the changes I have made to my diet, this will continue and any further weight loss will come. I make better choices in relation to food, awareness of what I eat, but without counting calories. This means that I have a completely different peace associated with it with food. My eating routines are much better, I shop more structured and do not spend the whole lunch going to the store. 

I use the tools Camilla has taught me every single day. I now have a very different relationship to both food, calorie intake and work tasks.

I did not miss anything on the course, thought I got a lot for money and invested time. There was a lot that I consider a "bonus" because I probably had not fully understood the scope of how things are connected and how many things we were going to visit.

I would say to others who are considering working with Camilla that here you get a great deal for your money. It's a holistic approach that permeates everything that I have not been near in any other dietary guide I have tried before, and I have tried many.

What distinguishes this from everything else on the market is that it does not distinguish between body and mind. Camilla clarifies the connection and focuses on techniques that clarify this connection and the influence thoughts, thought patterns and actions have on each other.

I had many aha experiences along the way and thought that I should have known this when I was 20 years old. 

About Camilla, I want her to exercise austerity with warmth. There is no doubt about where we are going, if one is willing to give what is needed, one will achieve one's goals, she is clear on this from day one. Camilla uses the theory she practices in her own training program and it works.

She is genuinely concerned about her clients and really wants them to reach their goals.

Camilla is very good at what she does and in addition she has good communication skills that make one understand what the theory entails and how it should be used in practice. She gives good advice along the way and is quick with feedback if you have any questions. 

The exciting thing about the work process I have gone through is that Camilla initially asked questions related to other areas of my life than food where I meant to have full control. It turned out that I did not have as good control as I thought, but with the knowledge and strategies from the program, I have gained more control and a completely different calm in more areas than what is related to food.

How I structure and plan the working day / working week will never be the same. 

I, lawyer 47, with an extremely hectic and performance-based workday, have gotten more out of my weeks with Camilla than the last 20 years with various slimming programs.

And one of the most important things I have learned is that waiting until next week to start, it's for little ones, we're starting now.

Camilla is a motivator of the rare and conducts coaching at the highest level and I give her my very best recommendations. 

Camilla has helped me a lot and I take with me everything she has taught me on my way to everything I want more of in my life. This path, which I have only just begun, I will go with a smile and do what I want.        

  • Linda                                  

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