"I’m eternally grateful for all the help I have received"

«Jeg er evig takknemlig for all hjelp jeg har fått»

After many years of various less successful attempts at permanent weight loss, I ended up contacting Camilla by chance. 

It turned out to be a stroke of luck when I met a professional who understood and, not least, had methods to get things in place once and for all.

I had been trying for a long time to lose weight and change my life with good habits. I had way too high blood pressure, used a lot of medication and had a terrible health for someone in my late 30s.

I couldn't get anything to last and I quickly became far too strict with myself about food in any attempt to lose weight. 

This resulted in small short-term results which quickly disappeared when motivation decreased.

I have seen many positive changes along the way:

  • My relationship with food and "diet" is completely different. 
  • But what is perhaps the biggest change is the mental awareness. People have remarked that they sense a completely different determination and self-confidence in me.
  • I have steadily lost weight in combination with increased muscle mass, and my waist is much smaller. 
  • I make significantly more good choices and the few bad choices are rare.
  • Routines around food, exercise and sleep are much better.
  • Overthinking and worries are not a factor in everyday life like they were before. 

My everyday life is characterised by better routines, greater focus on the important things in life and food is not so all-consuming.

I particularly liked the focus on the mental part of the program. I feel I have completely different tools to deal with challenges and problems in everyday life. Both around food and binge eating, but not least in my career life. 

After the first conversation with Camilla, I didn't really have that many worries. It was a very different approach than what I had been looking for, but I felt pretty immediately that this approach would work as long as I was willing to invest time and focus into it.

Camilla is a brilliant person with lots of knowledge and humanity. I don't regret for a second that I got in touch and completed the program. I experienced the follow-up as genuine and personal and Camilla understood my situation well. 

The coaching was motivating and clear and she is extremely skilled in what she does.

The program is both motivating, personal, effective and, not least, sustainable. 

I now have completely different tools to handle life's small and large challenges, both when it comes to food and other things that come up in everyday life. 

I’m eternally grateful for all the help I have received from Camilla and I’m looking forward to the time ahead and all the things I’ll achieve in the future.

The weight is pointing in the right direction, I have come off the blood pressure medication and both body and mind are getting stronger with each passing day. 

  • Anne D.