“Do not spend time evaluating. Got started!"

«Ikke bruk tid på å vurdere. Kom i gang!»

Before I started working with Camilla, my biggest challenge was low self-esteem and this resulted in many types of escape, and especially food and wine.

During the process, I feel much better about myself, I am more aware that it is my choices and my focus that create change and results. I have lost around 10 kilos "and still counting", I definitely make better choices. I am looking for healthy alternatives and craver healthy and good food that is better for me. This is about to become automatic and I more easily choose well-composed meals and avoid bad alternatives. I trust my own assessments much more, and am more focused and motivated.

I focus on the present and say "no" when I need it. I take time for rest and sleep. I have much more peace, and am conscious when I go in "down" mentally. I end up there, but I do not stay there. I use the tools I have learned and focus on what is good and feel much better about myself. I rejoice in what is good, and in the fact that I am on the trail of the life I want to live.🙂

In everyday life, most things that take place inside are different, and not least that food is now used as a treat in appropriate quantities and not as an escape. I have become confident that only I can know what is the right choice for me, that I am responsible when I make bad choices, while I have corrected many "wrong programming" in the brain and installed new nerve pathways that do that I make better choices and that together give "water on the wheel". 

Before I started with Camilla, I was afraid that this would be another scheme that I bought, but which I did not follow up properly so that the results would not be. But I could be so wrong. 

To others who are considering working with Camilla, I just want to say one thing: “Do not spend time evaluating, get started. This is the start of a new and better life as long as you do the job! ”

I am so happy that I dared to invest in Wholehearted Transformation despite the fact that I was afraid that it was just "another scheme". Camilla is a warm person with a lot and versatile knowledge, and she is committed and very good at understanding and explaining. When I found Wholehearted Transformation, I had miserable self-esteem and found comfort and escape through food and alcohol while the increased weight contributed to even lower self-esteem. Through Wholehearted Transformation, with Camilla's support and guidance, I have worked my way through an enormous number of changes and gained many aha experiences. The knowledge and lifestyle changes I take with me and develop further, and every day I am even more on the trail of the life I want to live. What made me not be there before I met Camilla was the lack of better knowledge. With Camilla's help, I now know better, and can do the job needed. It has given and continues to give water on the wheel to the changes I want! 🙂 

  • Kathrine S.