"At the age of 47, I have stopped emotional eating"

«I en alder av 47 år har jeg sluttet med overspising»

I have struggled all my life with food and weight. Ever since I was a child, I remembered that the family talked about "there was no bottom in me"… Adult life was characterized by a busy family life, a lot of pressure at work and little time for myself. My days were marked by intense thinking about food, what I should eat, when I should eat and how I should both lose those pounds and get control of things… The periods where I managed to stay good became shorter and shorter, and the overeating took place in secret, on everything from large chocolate bars to a whole packet of crispbread with cheese on in the evening. In addition, I compensated for everything I ate with large amounts of exercise, but still the weight went up. 

When I came to Camilla it was "last chance", yet I was afraid that I would not achieve any concrete results or learn something I could actually use…

My experience of working with Camilla has been very nice and beyond all expectations. I am more relaxed about food and what I eat, I have changed my lifestyle and do not feel on any diet, I have better routines, my weight is reduced and now stable, and at the age of 47 I have stopped overeating. I stress a lot less in everyday life, at the same time as I do not whip myself if life ever happens. 

The holistic understanding of how the brain and body work and how these are connected was crucial for me, and I have become much better acquainted with myself.

It was a time consuming process, but it was worth the investment in every way. Camilla has been absolutely great to work with. I experience her as professionally skilled and warm, but direct & clear. She cares about you and is always available (feels that way even if she is not actually). She is good at challenging, but has a nice balance between pushing and supporting. I have learned a lot about myself and a lot of useful tools that I will take with me for the rest of my life 🙂  

  • Helen R.

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