Hvordan gå ned i vekt en gang for alle?

The real reason you struggle with weight, diet, stress and overwhelm is not because of all the external time thieves and stress factors you have in your life. It is because of the inner emotional factors. 


You can turn around and make all sorts of excuses. "I've just always been great." "It's impossible for me to lose weight." "Life is just too hectic now, I cannot prioritize it." "I have heavy bone structure". These things will only keep you where you are. However, it is only a small amount of tasks you need to do on a regular basis over time to be able to lose weight. 

The reason you are having a strained relationship with food and not being able to lose weight is that it is solely an emotional problem. Thus, the solution to this lies in our brain, not in yet another diet, yet another plan. It's about your self-esteem, and the relationship you have with yourself and your life. 


A whole day spent in low self-worth, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, chronic worry, over-analysis, people pleasing, "good girl syndrome" and so on, only results in you being totally exhausted at the end of the day. You have accumulated a lot of negative emotions throughout the day and this is the very definition of self-torture. You are therefore desperately looking for an escape. An anesthetic that can relieve pressure. And what is the easiest, fastest and safest way to do this? Food and drink. 

To get the results you want, you need to change something in yourself and your life. It does not help you if you keep doing the same thing for a significant amount of time. To get the results you really want, you need to create permanent change. Then you have to change yourself on the inside.


The only reason you do not have something you want today is because of the way you think. 

Who you are today in every area of your life is the sum of the choices you have made over time. If you want different results in your life then you need to be willing to grow as a person. Then the solution is not just a "diet" or a "plan" you should push into an already busy everyday life. You need to upgrade yourself on the inside before the outside will follow. 

The people who come to me are busy people. They are very performance-oriented, have goals, demanding jobs, possibly a family and young children, large responsibilities and many needs to cover. But at some point, the pursuit of achievement went from being fun, to becoming frustrating and a toil. 


My clients come to me when they have tried "everything". They have been hunting for the "holy grail of all diets." They have tried all sorts of extreme approaches. Everything from powdered food (which by the way is just nonsense), to the extreme degree of weighing the food and counting calories (which in turn only creates even greater problems with losing weight). Some of them may have managed to lose weight over time even if they binge eat. Nevertheless, they end up gaining weight again,possibly a few more kilos than they started out with.

They have also thought that when they get down to that weight, THEN they should be happy and stop binge eating. But then they realize over time that this is not the solution to their problems. The same things happen again and again. It's like driving a car through life, navigating through the rearview mirror and expecting it to go well. But the only thing that happens is that you will continue to drive in the same tracks you have always driven in because those are the ones you see. And don't forget, you crash from time to time. Literally.

The reason why what you have done so far has not worked is that you have not focused on where it hurts most in your shoe. You have tried to create results through firefighting in the form of rigid, extreme approaches to moderate and control your behavior. 


You have tried to use external factors to control your behavior. But you have not gone in and created a change in the right place: inside of you. 

To get the results you want, you need to create change in yourself and in how you navigate life. You need to work on yourself and define what you want to be in the future. First, you need to work to become that person. Only then, will you get the results, benefits and everything you dream of in your life! 

Your body and everything you have in your life right now is only a delayed representation of how you have lived until now. Nothing more. 

It says nothing about what you do today, how you live today, how you are as a person. 

It's just a delayed snapshot of how you used to live. 

Your body just needs to have time to recover, while you live like the real version of yourself. The way you really want! 

This is actually the key to creating a permanent, lasting change, where you never go back to living the way you used to. And that work has to start on the inside. 


You have to evolve, grow into who you really are. Then and ONLY then, you will get results in the work you do until it feels easy. With total freedom from the uncertainty, the overthinking, the refusal to make decisions, the uncertainty of food and what is good to eat and not good to eat. And total freedom from the eternal train of thought about why you can not make it happen and what you must do to NOT binge eat…

It is only when you take hold and become free from these things that you really want peace, tranquility, experience mastery and get results, without feeling like you are giving up anything. 

I therefore encourage you to take action! Take responsibility and control back into your own life. 

Look inside. Dare to ask yourself the question: What would happen if you never worked on these things?

I would be privileged to take part in this process with you. But it is you who must take responsibility and want to commit to creating a permanent change for the final time. 

You must be brave! You need to be open to guidance and go in depth on yourself so you get over these patterns. You must be open to growing and developing as a person. You need to be hungry for results, have confidence in the process and take control of your own life. 

It's hard work, but the hard-working, results-oriented people I work with get great breakthroughs and effective results in the work they do when they are receptive to my guidance and commit to doing the work once and for all. They are open and understand that in order to get something they have never had, they must grow and do something they have never done!

If you want to know more about how I can help you, then you are most welcome to book a discovery call. There we talk more about your challenges, where you stand and where you need to go from here!

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