Where The Cycle Of Emotional Eating Begins, And How You Can Overcome It.

Hvor kommer emosjonell spising fra, og hvordan du kan bryte ut av det?

Would you like to know where the root cause of all emotion and binge eating starts and ends? Do you often wonder why some people can easily avoid overeating and others can’t help it sometimes?

You see, not everyone deals with emotional eating the same way, that’s why it’s important to understand exactly where the root cause of emotional eating is so we can treat it from the source.

When you understand the source of emotional eating it becomes far easier to create a quick and lasting change in your relationship with food and diet forever.

So if you want to know where the root cause of emotional eating is, let me give you a hint:

Do you sometimes get plagued with thoughts like “I am not good enough”? Or do you sometimes feel like you currently don’t love your body and you need to lose weight to give yourself permission to feel good about yourself?

Do you feel like you need to change your body to be happy? That it’s not good enough right now the way it is. That you have to be fit to feel good about yourself?

You see in many ways our beliefs create our reality and we tend to stay congruent to these beliefs as a way to make sense and survive in the world we live around us.

But this also includes beliefs about yourself.

Every single one of us lives inside our own heads. We are locked in our own heads with our own set of beliefs about who we are with a whole range of emotions to go along with them.

These beliefs and emotional states mostly make up who we are. With some of them being positive and others being negative, what you can be sure of is that these states and beliefs influence your life in more ways than we can ever imagine.

What’s even worse is that we are taught by society to suppress our emotions or not to openly express them. Most people today have deeply suppressed emotions that bottle up inside them expressing themselves in all sorts of ways.

Now more than ever, people need to learn to deal with their emotional states and learn to take mental showers and destress from time to time in a healthy way.

When we are stressed it sends the body into survival mode, and when we get stressed we rush through our day. We then tend to start to medicate our emotional state with things in our environments.

Things such as people, places, things, social media, coffee, alcohol, and most commonly: food. When we have suppressed emotions and we get stressed we look for ways to medicate this stress in our external environment, from the outside in.

When we rush through our days and our lives in this way, we become exhausted and a crazy cycle starts to emerge. As we begin to get stressed we tend to medicate the stress and make ourselves even more stressed.

Most of the emotional eating people tend to fall into mostly comes from negative emotions, stress and overwhelm in our everyday lives.

The biggest problem I see with women trying to create lasting change in their diet and appearance is this:

If you are trying to change your relationship with food and your appearance from the feeling of not currently feeling good enough, you will constantly re-create these patterns in your life.

Let me explain:

As I said before our bodies use emotions as strategies to navigate our external world. If we constantly don’t feel good about ourselves we will constantly feel that it will be very hard to break free from the level of habit and willpower.

When you change your emotional state about yourself it tends to reflect back to you. When people start feeling good about themselves their appearance tends to improve rapidly because it matches their internal states.

So many people in our society today live from a place of "when only this next thing is over - then I'll live like this and like that". The problem is, that time will never come… You'll never get there when you're stuck in this rut. Never.

Just like a mirror, if you want to smile in the mirror, smile first. Waiting for your reflections to smile is the last thing you should do. If people truly understood this nobody would struggle with emotional eating or dieting ever again. As I said before, our brains use emotions as survival strategies. Our brain uses emotions to keep us in the same place so we can’t survive.

So if you live in a place of “I’m not good enough”, your brain will constantly keep you there in order to survive. If there’s one thing you need to understand about the brain it’s this: “Your brain doesn’t care about your happiness, it only cares about your survival”.

By living in this way, one lives in eternal self-torture of not reaching, and thus develops so many mechanisms to "endure" or "seek comfort and relief in enjoying oneself", and then food and emotional eating also become a problem that just adds even more stuff to the list that needs to be fixed.

We become trapped in a problem we don’t even understand, we often think we need to change our emotional habits and beliefs with pure willpower and action.

But as you and millions of people around the world all know: This never works and nearly always results in a crazy burnout where you end up running to the nearest shop to get as many sweets as you possibly can. Been there, done that, right?

The problem here is not the food, the eating, and the habits you have developed to endure. The problem here is the underlying emotional states and beliefs about yourself- namely in your head!

In order to create lasting change in your diet, we need to upgrade our brain and do a reboot on its driving patterns to break out of these emotional strategies keeping us in the same place.

Our brains are looking to keep us alive and nothing else. The sooner we realize this, the easier it is to change. Remember your brain wants to survive and staying in the familiar is an easy way to do that.

So when people say you just need to try a new diet or work harder or get a new plan, understand that these rarely work. If you want to change you must first change internally and then create a new life externally.

You have to upgrade your brain, grow out of the patterns that no longer serve you, return to yourself and rebuild your sense of self. 

Only then will you stop suffering, accumulating negative feelings for everything that is not good enough, and thus get rid of the underlying suffering that creates the need to turn to food.

Once you begin to understand this, creating external change becomes easier than ever.