"A great opportunity to change your life for the better"

«en stor mulighet for endring av livet ditt til det bedre»

I found Camilla online and waited a while before contacting her, but I was in a place in life where I was very tired. Tired of myself, eternal body focus, little energy, bad choices, "boiled in the head" and many kilos too much. Life felt awkward even though I had "everything". 

During my time with Camilla, I have gained a very increased awareness of what I do and why, I have had many aha-experiences along the way, become acquainted with myself again. The whole process started cleaning the top floor. 

When I came to her, I mainly focused on kilos and less focus on the rest of my life and all the factors that matter to the quality of life. Now the weight is on the right track, I am much more aware of my own limits and what is good for me, I have better routines and stretch more in everyday life due to better focus and the right priorities, and in general I am much happier, happy , confident in myself, have acceptance of myself and that I am good enough. I do not allow myself to fall into brooding and negative thoughts as I did before, which has also helped a lot on the night's sleep and energy in my days. 

What I liked best was that the approach covers the whole person, head, body and soul. Everything is connected and measures must therefore be taken in several areas to reach the goal. Everything in the process was very nicely set up for me, and I was ready to move on for myself when the process was over and Camilla let go of me. 

To those of you who are wondering if Camilla is the one who can help you, I say "Go for it!" 🙂 It is a demanding piece of work that gives you a great opportunity to change your life for the better. A deep dive into yourself, your surroundings and methods for breaking old negative patterns that you do not need with you further in your life.   

I highly recommend Camilla. She is a warm and knowledgeable lady with bones in her nose, which is absolutely necessary to bring about change and progress with us who follow the program. The program requires commitment, effort and steady work throughout the week and has a holistic focus that is a "must" to bring about change over time.

  • Hege P.

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