"What I have learned in these weeks cannot be appreciated enough!"

«Det jeg har lært på disse ukene kan ikke verdsettes nok!»

 When I came to Camilla, my biggest challenge was overeating, and a bad body image that had followed me ever since primary school. I remember early on that I had a lump in my stomach that was extremely uncomfortable and that I got rid of when I ate. I started with Camilla with my opinion that I had overeating as my main challenge and a history of failed diets. The program has opened my mind to those degrees, and I see that one challenge takes hold of the other, and that working on a challenge, can highlight completely different challenges that are even more useful to work with. In addition, the tasks are so interesting, that finding my challenges became more like a game for me. 

Along the way, I have experienced that I have a much more relaxed relationship with food, and have seen why I have challenges with food intake, etc. I manage to remove anxiety and insecurity in very many cases, and I clearly see that anxiety and insecurity, in the principle is what has made me eat and eat.

Concrete things I notice a change in is how uninteresting the weight has become, I make better choices in everyday life - goodies are totally chosen away - it does not taste good anymore. Many of my routines were there before, but previously they were there to "keep me in control", while now they are the result of a feeling of freedom and joy, and not a forced thing. I have experienced concrete changes along the way both physically and mentally, and I have become completely confident that changes in myself are what I have all the power over, and it gives me inner peace. Some very concrete physiological truths have been very useful to learn! At the same time, it was the concrete exercises that for me turned abstract emotions into something concrete - which in turn only gave even greater confidence in this during the process. 

Before I started, I was afraid that this was just a new program that would work as long as I focused on it, and then it was back in the old tracks. But what I have learned in these weeks cannot be appreciated enough! I have taken a small step in the right direction, but the most important thing for me is that I got calm, and know that this I have full opportunity to have control over the rest of my life.

My own experience of my problem has turned into something completely different than it was in the beginning, and turned from feeling like a hopeless abstract task, to feeling like an affordable and exciting task you just want to work on! If you are interested in working with yourself, and set aside plenty of time for this, then I can guarantee a great journey of discovery.

What I had in mind was my problem, has become secondary, and I have come to a completely different place in life! 

No doubt Camilla is wholehearted and that she knows this! I highly recommend her! 

  • Frode S.

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