"Camilla is very clear and easy to relate to, at the same time you notice that she really wants the best for you"

«Camilla er veldig tydelig og lett å forholde seg til, samtidig merker du at hun virkelig ønsker det beste for deg»

When I came to Camilla, my everyday life was characterized by "everything or nothing" around food and body, thoughts about myself and how I was to those around me. 

I had a very bad pattern where I overcompensated all I could my weeks while I had the kids, and then it was completely the other way around the weeks I was alone. The overeating went completely out of control, the mood was in the blind cellar and I withdrew from absolutely everything except that I went to work. 

I had an awfully low self-esteem, overeating and a huge drive over previous events in my life. I was in a lot of pain in my life where I was.

During the work with Camilla, I have completely stopped overeating. I have less focus on weight and body and more focus on making good choices for myself and treating myself well. I have better routines in everyday life in terms of meal planning and composition. I have more energy and more profit, a more even mood and much more joy in everyday life. I see opportunities that I have not seen in many years, and I am very happy. 

I have cleaned up a lot of clutter, and regained my own self-esteem, so I feel so much better now - life is actually absolutely fantastic. 

I see my own value and I make good choices for myself and my children. I have taken on so many other fields as well, and created changes now that are wonderful for myself and everyone around me. 

I have benefited fantastically from both everything I have learned about the body, food, how to think about things in everyday life, but also about the mental tools I have learned. These are things I want to carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Camilla is very clear and easy to relate to. At the same time, she takes great care of you and you notice she really wants the best for you. I can really recommend working with Camilla❤️ 

  • Tonje E.