Author: Camilla

«Jeg er evig takknemlig for all hjelp jeg har fått»

"I’m eternally grateful for all the help I have received"

After many years of various less successful attempts at permanent weight loss, I ended up contacting Camilla by chance.

«Det var overraskende lett når jeg lærte riktig måte»

"It was surprisingly easy once I learned the right way"

When I came to Camilla, my biggest challenge was that I struggled with binge eating, emotional eating and often turned to extreme diets. There was a lot of stress in my life and everyday life was filled with an high workload, but I never felt that what I did was good enough. This often resulted in me turning to chocolate and sweets to get me through the day, and the diet Pepsi was always on my desk or in my bag. I smoked too, a lot. At least one package a day. I spent a lot of money every single month on junk and unhealthy things. 

I was afraid I would get burned out l if I didn't get control of how I lived with unhealthy eating, smoking and stress. I was afraid that 20 years from now I would look back on my life and all I could remember was that it was about dieting and coping, and that none of the good memories with family and friends would be there.

I had very low self worth and never felt good enough. My self-esteem and ego were tied up to measurable things, so when things went well I was owning it, but when things went south my days were dark and I turned to food and snacks for comfort and an escape to endure the working days that lasted until late at night. 

During the process, I have developed a completely different relationship with myself. I see how I have tormented myself with dieting and binge eating all my adult life. I don't diet anymore and I eat healthy.

I no longer think "all or nothing" and the days when things don't go according to plan, I solve them in a good way instead of falling off track as I would have done in the past. I know what is important to me in life and prioritize based on this.
Jeg vet hva som er viktig for meg i livet og prioriterer ut ifra dette.

I have tools to turn my thoughts and my mood around and it was a really big surprise when I realized this was possible. 

I've also stopped smoking and drinking Pepsi during these weeks working with Camilla, it was surprisingly easy when I finally learned the right way to do it. 

I now have higher standards and live as the person I want to be. I have learned to say more no and set good boundaries for myself both at work and in private. I feel that I am able to take much better care of myself than before, because I deserve it. 

I find that everyday life is now filled with quality of life, whereas before it was filled with feelings of inadequacy and stress. I have much more to give to those I love and who matter to me. 

I benefited enormously from working together with Camilla. What Camilla offers is much more than a program to lose weight or get rid of overeating.
I was not prepared to work on the mental aspects of my challenges which turned out to be so closely linked to the binge eating, but this has been even more important than learning more about nutrition. 

Camilla gives an incredible amount of herself, and it was like having a big cheering crowd and at the same time a clear coach on the sideline. But at the same time, she is clear that I had to practice what I learned, and that it was I who had in me what was needed to create change. 

I am much less stressed and have a better self-esteem and self worth. I was fully on my way into sick leave when I joined Camilla's program. Camilla showed me how I myself am my own salvation. I avoided being on sick leave, and now work and family life roll on with lower stress levels and more energy.

I’m forever grateful for the time I’ve had with her. 

  • Cathrine M.



Before I started with Camilla, I was always on a diet or off track, and I had tried everything without permanently losing weight. It had only resulted in yo-yo dieting all my life and left me feeling miserable…



I found Camilla in December 2021, and I followed her for a while on email and social media. I wasn't sure if she could help me, but at the same time it was as if she was in my head and speaking in my thoughts.



My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was to set boundaries for myself around food. I struggled with poor self-worth and many negative thoughts about my body and looks.

Before I started I was also very worried that this wouldn't work and wouldn't give me any results. I was very afraid to go through this and then feel like it was another failed attempt that didn't lead to the results I wanted.

During my time with Camilla, I have learned very effective techniques which have meant that in situations where I would have previously binged, I now haven’t done it. Now the circle og struggle is broken. I have also become more aware of my own thought patterns and behavior patterns. And I have learned to turn negative thought patterns into positive ones that I want instead. 

I eat much healthier and more controlled. I can enjoy good foods without feeling guilty, because I know it's part of doing things the right way. I exercise more than before, the weight has dropped and I'm told by others that I look healthier and better:) 

I plan my life better and more systematically so that I avoid stress and keep an overview of to do's and what is important. I have started with the tools Camilla has suggested to me to keep track of things, and it makes it so much easier to stay focused in my everyday life, to always be in the console, on track and at the same time not stress about things :) 

I have become more aware of what I want to prioritize in life and which values ​​are important to me. 

The techniques I learned are what I enjoyed the most about the program. They can be used in many different areas of life and I use them regularly to turn my mentality around when I am heading in a bad direction in my mind. I would also like to highlight the dietary advice as very simple and good, and with freedom so that I do not feel locked in and on a diet and I can still eat good, healthy and varied food, and at the same time reach my goals.

To others who are considering working with Camilla, I have one thing to say: 

Jump into it, but it's important that you have an open mind and are ready to learn. Camilla is knowledgeable, thorough, empathetic, clear and energetic. She challenges while at the same time showing understanding. She is always available and gives of herself and her experiences. But most importantly: What she says is correct and works!

Thank you very much for a very amazing time, Camilla. I am so grateful for what you have taught me.

  • Linni M.
Hvor kommer emosjonell spising fra, og hvordan du kan bryte ut av det?

Where The Cycle Of Emotional Eating Begins, And How You Can Overcome It.

Would you like to know where the root cause of all emotion and binge eating starts and ends? Do you often wonder why some people can easily avoid overeating and others can’t help it sometimes?

Jeg er dypt takknemlig for hjelpen Camilla har gitt meg

“I’m deeply grateful for the help Camilla has given me”

When I found Camilla I had had a bad period for a long time. I had been in a bad mood and dissatisfied with myself and my body. I had put on a lot of weight and felt like my eating was completely out of control.

5 grunner til at du har cravings etter middag

5 Reasons You Have Cravings After Dinner

Dear Reader, can you relate?

You come home after a long day's work, you’ve eaten the healthy lunch you made and you are just about to make dinner.

When you finish your dinner you feel great and it feels amazing to finish another day of dieting completely.

But after a while you begin to get hungry again but you don’t think anything of it.

After a while the feeling starts to grow and your willpower starts to go out like a slow burning candle.

Eventually you end this “crazy torture experiment” and giving into your cravings and devouring any food in your sight.

Let me tell you, it happens to far more people than you may realize you are not alone, many of the people who reach out to me are very confused on what, how and when to eat.

They experience no predictability in their hunger, energy and cravings from the food they eat, and when you mix that with 4,820,000,000 results from a quick google search on «diet», the confusion is complete.

Many struggle with unpredictability in their energy-levels through the day, in how long they last between meals before their energy drops like a rock, and their hunger and cravings skyrocket through the roof, and many also struggle with intense cravings even after they have eaten a meal.

The way most people understand diet is to follow crazy willpower diets only to crash and give up.

With this I’ve decided to compile a list of what I see as the most common reasons why most people struggle with craving in the evening and what you can do about it.

So you can consistently follow through with your diet without fail, as you approach the finish line every evening. Finishing through with your daily diet with ease.

So here goes:

1. You haven’t eaten enough early in your day.

Many «dieters» start each and every day with an unreasonable goal of «today I’m going to hit «the numbers» or not eating much». So they start the day with skipping breakfast, or maybe just have a coffee for breakfast.

The lunch approaches and they are good so far. Not excessive hunger and therefore they eat a salad, or just a smoothie for lunch. All good so far of today's plan.

And then comes the afternoon: The energy starts to drop, the mood is shit and they experience intense hunger. Maybe they follow their dinner plan, but most likely - they have so intense hunger that they just MUST have something fat and juicy for dinner.

All their thoughts on eating in a calorie deficit today are long gone, and they eat too much of the wrong food for dinner.

This ultimately also lead us into the «bad day strategy» where we say «Fuck it, it’s just a bad day, I’ll start again tomorrow». And from there it all goes south…

2. Your HEC it not in Check

HEC stands for Hunger, Energy and Cravings, and this is a marker you can use to see if your diet and nutrition is taking care of your needs.

The goal is for your meals to be of quality, and leave you with high energy throughout the day, appropriate hunger just before your next meal, and getting rid of physical cravings.

If your HEC is in check you are on track. If you however struggle with excessive hunger, low energy trough (periods) of the day, and cravings every day, we need to take a look at your HEC.

3. Your food isn’t satisfying your emotional needs.

Yes you read that right. Your food needs to cover our physiological as well as our psychological needs.

We are emotionally connected to everything we eat, if not we could have eaten everything and anything, without caring.

But that’s not how it is, right? We are biologically programmed to eat things we enjoy, and therefore the food you eat needs to cover your emotional needs as well as your nutritional needs.

This does NOT mean eating chocolate cake as a meal. But we need to eat healthy food that we like and enjoy. Not only cold chicken and some loose salad from a Tupperware container on the run…

4. You ate too little yesterday - and therefore you are more hungry today

Yes, you read that right - again. If you one day are more active than usual, without adjusting your food-intake, or you one day have a super busy schedule and therefore don’t have time to eat all of your meals, it can come back and bite you in the ass the next day.

No one talks about this, but it can. You may have woken up one morning starving from hunger. Or you can even have nights where you woke up from your sleep feeling hungry.

This could be a sign that you ate too little the previous day. The thing with this is that it will affect your HEC and set you up for having more hunger, lower energy and more cravings the next day.

Therefore it is important to keep your eyes on the overall trend throughout your week.

5. You have lost track of your cycle.

Women experience their cycle differently. Some feel it the most when they are ovulating, and others feel it the most in the days leading up to their period.

However, your hormones have a cycle of 28 days, and therefore you will have a slightly increased metabolism in the days leading up to your period.

This will also affect your HEC. Tracking your cycle, energy, hunger and cravings can be a good way of seeing the bigger picture of how your body works and what you need to give it to thrive.

All of these will affect how your body responds to how you live, what you eat, how hungry you are, how your energy is throughout the day, how your cravings are affecting you, and how you feel in your everyday life.

Therefore - it’s not just about getting through the day from meal to meal. It’s about the total trend over time and how you read your body’s signals and give it what it needs.



"My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was the constant shift between "good periods" of lots of exercise and healthy food - then getting completely exhausted and then dropping exercise and overeating instead. In addition came all the crappy self-talk. I was afraid […]

5 grunner til at du ikke går ned i vekt


There can be many different factors that keep you from losing weight, and these often interrelate to each other. My experience is that if one of them is off track, the others are most likely off track as well.[…]

«Jeg kjenner på mer energi og overskudd, og har det skikkelig bra»

"I feel more energy and joy, and I'm doing amazing"

When I heard Camilla talk about rethinking on a podcast, I became very curious about her way of working. I felt my brain spinning east and west with overthinking of everything from the smallest things to the big choices in life:


  • What if I do not get what I need? 
  • What if it also goes wrong? 
  • What if I forget what I was supposed to?
  • I probably said something stupid now…
  • I probably said something stupid now… 
  • I'm just "like that"… 


As a new mom, I was extra worried about how I would handle life in the future with work and children, and everything that goes with it. I was terrified of running the rest of my life in a hamster wheel with constant stress, and where I would never feel good enough for myself. It was not the kind of life I wanted. 


I also weighed too much, had little energy and wanted to lose weight, but I was unsure if I had an overeating problem, and therefore unsure if Camilla's program would suit me. I decided to book a mapping class, and I'm so glad I did. 


Camilla is a very warm person, she is committed and goes to great lengths to understand the situation of others and see solutions. In the survey, Camilla took the time to listen to my challenges and explain how she works, and not least what expectations she has for committing to the program. And it is important to be dedicated if you are considering working with Camilla. For my part, this mapping conversation was in a way the first obstacle in finding out if I could commit myself sufficiently to start the program. Here, as with so much else, I doubted myself and whether I could do it. In a way, it hit the core of my challenges already there. But one of the most important things I have learned through working with Camilla is that I have to let go of control and trust the "process" and I find solutions. She explained to me that I had to trust this was a well-thought-out program, and that if I followed it and put in the work effort steadily, I would get results. 


There is an incredible amount in life that we cannot prepare for, and I have learned that it does not help to try to have thought through all the possible, conceivable consequences and all the possible "what if" to have control. I would rather trust that things go well when I prepare, and that when unexpected things happen, I find out. She has taught me to ask the question "Is this useful?" to thoughts that emerge. And when I think about possible negative consequences or that I feel I am losing control, it helps to ask this question. The answer is almost always no, and then the next question is whether there is something else more life-strengthening I can choose to do or think about instead. This is a great help in everyday life and has made me aware of many useless thoughts. 


When it comes to food, I had challenges with the fact that I often went too long without food and became starving throughout the afternoon. Then it often became easy to resort to chocolate or other unhealthy foods. I was one of those people who could inhale a chocolate without getting it with me just because I got such strong cravings and I really needed enough food. I felt the chocolate and all the fast carbs calling to me from the closet. My body was heavy and tired, and I had a bad conscience after eating unhealthily. 


Through the program Wholehearted Transformation, I was re-imprinted that I actually have to eat evenly throughout the day, have well-composed meals, get enough sleep and recovery, get fresh air and exercise to have a good energy in the body and be able to walk Lose weight. Actually, this is a matter of course in theory, but doing it in a busy day is something else. I learned mental strategies and techniques to prioritize this again and have lost some kilos in weight, but even more important is that I feel more profit and energy to be a better mother, a better boyfriend and feel good about myself . 


The balance between work and family life is closely linked to this. Without the foundation in place in the form of a healthier lifestyle and healthier body, it is difficult to achieve a good balance between work and family life, I think. I have changed my habits so that I have more profit to plan my tasks well at work. That way I can better prioritize what is important and get this away, and be happy with everything I get done instead of torturing myself with everything I do not get done. Camilla has helped me with several extremely useful mental techniques in everyday life that I actively use there. 


Overall, I have shifted my focus from everything I did not want to what I want in this life. When I focus on all the good things, it also becomes much clearer to me, and I feel much less irritation and frustration. I'm more proactive in achieving my goals, and I'm doing really well. 


I would highly recommend working with Camilla! 


  • Merete H.
Stress holder deg igjen fra å nå målene dine!


Do you often get so stressed during the day that it feels like too much, and you are desperate for peace, an escape, a break or just want to get away? All you want to do is escape from all the tasks and requirements...

Arbeidet med Camilla har vært den beste investering i livet mitt!

Working with Camilla has been the best investment of my life!

When I came to Camilla, I was at a place in my life where I didn't recognize myself. I hadn't thought about what I wanted out of my life for years and I had completely lost myself. All the focus had […]

På alle plan jeg slet tidligere i livet, har jeg det i dag fantastisk.

On every level I previously struggled, I now feel amazing.


Before I started the program with Camilla, I had great challenges in many arenas in life, food, body and appearance, stress, felt that I did not stretch to any place in life, had a distorted image of myself, did not dare to trust other people and believed not on what they said even though it was positively meant.


Self-esteem and self-confidence were in the red.


I had physical and mental challenges, I have experienced great trauma multiple times in life - both as a child and adult, I struggled with chronic pain, was drained of energy, unobtrusive and had major concentration problems. I just existed.


When it came to food, it was all or nothing, diet on diet, perfectionism - if I did everything 110% well then everything was fine… It did not work either, I just had to make it change better.


I was wondering what the meaning of life was, should I never get well? I had just turned 50 and thought to myself that now I had to take action. Should I ever get this "ship" in "port" it was now or never.


In the summer of 2021, I sat bored and read on Facebook where I came across a page that caught my attention, it hit me in the middle of the stomach!


I had an hour set up for Camilla and she lit a spark in me. I decided this was something I was going to do. I knew it would be demanding in one way or another but this was just something I had to accomplish. I have tried most things before without success, this was something completely different, so I had a hope that this could be the solution, and no matter if I did not try I would still be in the same "boat" I did not want to be in It was an investment - but what does it cost not to buy new clothes every single week, eat all the unhealthy food, etc. If I took this cost, for example, my bunada might fit again, I would not have the expense to change it and I would be able to use all my beautiful clothes that had become too small. I saw this as an investment.


I thought my biggest problem was the weight, I just got it down so everything worked out, the clothes would fit better I would not have to feel daily that they tightened everywhere. I felt every little thread in my clothes hit my body, I hated it, and this took all my focus away from what was important in life.


I have experienced so many positive changes along the way and after I finish the program that it is unbelievable. Do not know if anyone will believe me if I say what effects this program has had for me! I can say it so simply, on every level I struggled in life in the past, I feel great today. I'm in a place in life I've never been or have ever known existed.


Camilla has made me feel feelings I have never felt before, feelings I feel on a regular basis, daily. Happiness, harmony, less stress and brain fog. I have gained self-confidence and self-esteem. I dare to stand up for myself, dare to raise my voice to say what I mean .. I make good choices for myself, good decisions based on experience and new knowledge. I feel I am in "contact" with myself. What I feel is one of the most important things I have learned is to change my state of mind, it is absolutely magical what the state of mind can do for me. If it is good, I feel the joy of it, feel that I am "with" senses much stronger, if it is bad I know what I have to do to change it and get into a good "flow" again. Magical! This whole journey has been magical for me! Things I did not think were possible have with extreme effort and courage given extreme returns! I can mention a lot:


  • My chronic migraine with up to 20 seizures per month is almost gone
  • My chronic migraine with up to 20 seizures per month is almost gone
  • The brain fog is completely gone
  • The Teflon brain is gone
  • The hamster wheel is gone
  • Sleep quality is better
  • The relationship with family and friends is better
  • I have gained self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Do not feel bloated and unwell after meals
  • I've got more energy
  • I plan meals and shopping much better
  • I have stopped overeating
  • I have stopped stressing
  • I see myself as a very outgoing thinking inquisitive woman in my prime.
  • I radiate, dare to straighten my back to look at myself as a beautiful 50-year-old who is good both inside and out, with good attitudes and values.
  • I dare to "think" at work, dare to believe that what I do is of good quality.
  • I receive constructive feedback in a sensible and good way, I dare to believe that positive feedback is sincerely meant.


I receive constructive feedback in a sensible and good way, I dare to believe that positive feedback is sincerely meant.


I feel like I have gotten the most out of everything in this program, it has hit me straight home, I do not know if I can pull out what I liked best, because it is the sum of everything that has been absolutely fantastic.


If there is anything, it is Camilla, - she has been unique, no matter the time of day, stupid questions yes, you know, she has been there, supported me given me advice and feedback. Fantastic person with a huge amount of knowledge in the field! I can highly recommend Camilla to anyone who is really struggling. If your "overweight" does not appear in society, but you yourself feel fat and big, I would strongly recommend you this program! It is not always the weight that is the big problem that we feel disgusting and fat, there are many other mechanisms that we do not know about, but that Camilla helps us to understand. Together with Camilla, I have created a dream world! I dared to try - I did the job, it has not been free neither what it means of kroner or what it has required of time, effort and courage, courage to go out into unknown waters - but do the job and you will get a very big profit if you choose to put down the effort required.


  • Heidi L.
7 tegn på at du driver med emosjonell spising

7 signs of emotional eating

There are specific signs that you have an emotional problem with food and engage in emotional eating: You feel like you have tried "everything", but you cannot lose weight...

Er du perfeksjonist? Få med deg dette tipset!


As a perfectionist, you experience that you are never good enough, and you are never doing enough. This is why you also only get less and less faith in yourself.[…]

«Allerede første uken lærte jeg teknikker som stoppet overspisingen»

"Already the first week I learned techniques that stopped overeating"

My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was that I dealt with all the unpleasant emotions with food and exercise, whether it was stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, irritation or elation. There has been a lot of overeating, a lot of dieting and a lot of overtraining. It was a very narrow path to walk between what was ok and what was defeat.

I felt that every day was a struggle to avoid overeating.

And any social setting was something I dreaded and feared, because I was afraid I would lose control of my food. I have had this pattern since I was a teenager, and have gained and lost weight in painful and somewhat better periods over the past 10 years.

I also linked all this to thoughts and pondering about what others think of me, and had several patterns where doing everything I could for others to like me over time made me very very tired, and on the verge of burnt out.

After working with Camilla, I experience that I am much more stable in my mood. I have stopped defining days as bad or good. I have not had a single day of overeating since I started the program, only a few days with a little more thoughts about food without it taking off completely as before.

My partner notices the same, and says I am happier, calmer, and that he notices that I no longer have so-called "bad days". He knows very well that I used to have at least one day every week where I sat and drank properly, with large amounts of food. I also experience that my body feels better and works better. 

The biggest change for me is what goes on overeating, because I feel that it previously limited what I was able to grasp in other areas. The food was all-consuming, and I thought I was sick and would always feel that way. Now that food has a different role, it is easier to manage to work with what was really behind my food and exercise addiction.

What I liked best about Camilla's method was probably the way everything that is taught is so clearly linked to research-based information, and that it is conveyed how it physiologically affects my body and brain. I am a real health nerd, both privately and at work, and then it has been a great advantage that I know how professionally strong Camilla is, and that what is said is concrete and real. 

To others considering working with Camilla, there is only one thing to say: DO IT! Do not wait! You can get so much better in your life if you follow what Camilla wants to teach you. This is not just "another program", or "another restrictive and strict method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself. That money is so worth it! I have already recommended the course to several people I know who have similar challenges as me. I understand that it takes a certain amount of confidence to open up to someone like Camilla, but I believe that anyone who does this properly from the start will quickly experience such a good effect that it will feel worth it.

Camilla is the world's best supporter and coach. She is very knowledgeable and well grounded in research, which was important to me. She is always caring and available, but in addition she is a real tough guy who dares to ask you just the right questions to make you work even a little wiser to reach your goals.

I was in a really dark place before I started Camilla's course, and I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING after more than 10 years of bad thoughts and feelings about food, body and exercise. Already the first week of the course, I learned techniques that stopped overeating, and then came the knowledge of both the physical and mental on the assembly line.

You will have to put in the work needed, and it will be a little uncomfortable at times, but Camilla is there all the way and guides you to success. Highly recommended! 

  • Stina L.
«en stor mulighet for endring av livet ditt til det bedre»

"A great opportunity to change your life for the better"

I found Camilla online and waited a while before contacting her, but I was in a place in life where I was very tired. Tired of myself, eternal body focus, little energy, bad choices, "boiled in the head" and many kilos too much. Life felt awkward even though I had "everything".

«det er så j***** verdt det!»

"It's so f****g worth it!"

I started with Camilla for the weight and not least the emotional eating. But I soon realized that they were just symptoms of something else and much more difficult - my self-image, my thoughts about myself and the world around me and what patterns I have developed [...]