"Already the first week I learned techniques that stopped overeating"

«Allerede første uken lærte jeg teknikker som stoppet overspisingen»

My biggest challenge when I came to Camilla was that I dealt with all the unpleasant emotions with food and exercise, whether it was stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, irritation or elation. There has been a lot of overeating, a lot of dieting and a lot of overtraining. It was a very narrow path to walk between what was ok and what was defeat.

I felt that every day was a struggle to avoid overeating.

And any social setting was something I dreaded and feared, because I was afraid I would lose control of my food. I have had this pattern since I was a teenager, and have gained and lost weight in painful and somewhat better periods over the past 10 years.

I also linked all this to thoughts and pondering about what others think of me, and had several patterns where doing everything I could for others to like me over time made me very very tired, and on the verge of burnt out.

After working with Camilla, I experience that I am much more stable in my mood. I have stopped defining days as bad or good. I have not had a single day of overeating since I started the program, only a few days with a little more thoughts about food without it taking off completely as before.

My partner notices the same, and says I am happier, calmer, and that he notices that I no longer have so-called "bad days". He knows very well that I used to have at least one day every week where I sat and drank properly, with large amounts of food. I also experience that my body feels better and works better. 

The biggest change for me is what goes on overeating, because I feel that it previously limited what I was able to grasp in other areas. The food was all-consuming, and I thought I was sick and would always feel that way. Now that food has a different role, it is easier to manage to work with what was really behind my food and exercise addiction.

What I liked best about Camilla's method was probably the way everything that is taught is so clearly linked to research-based information, and that it is conveyed how it physiologically affects my body and brain. I am a real health nerd, both privately and at work, and then it has been a great advantage that I know how professionally strong Camilla is, and that what is said is concrete and real. 

To others considering working with Camilla, there is only one thing to say: DO IT! Do not wait! You can get so much better in your life if you follow what Camilla wants to teach you. This is not just "another program", or "another restrictive and strict method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself. That money is so worth it! I have already recommended the course to several people I know who have similar challenges as me. I understand that it takes a certain amount of confidence to open up to someone like Camilla, but I believe that anyone who does this properly from the start will quickly experience such a good effect that it will feel worth it.

Camilla is the world's best supporter and coach. She is very knowledgeable and well grounded in research, which was important to me. She is always caring and available, but in addition she is a real tough guy who dares to ask you just the right questions to make you work even a little wiser to reach your goals.

I was in a really dark place before I started Camilla's course, and I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING after more than 10 years of bad thoughts and feelings about food, body and exercise. Already the first week of the course, I learned techniques that stopped overeating, and then came the knowledge of both the physical and mental on the assembly line.

You will have to put in the work needed, and it will be a little uncomfortable at times, but Camilla is there all the way and guides you to success. Highly recommended! 

  • Stina L.

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